Anonyme said:
Hi! I hope you have a nice day :) . I'm not gonna ask you you anything, I just want to thank you for taking care of us. You're a lovely person, and you help me through the way of life by tweeting very often, as Carrie do when she post any of her videos. Thank you very much for everything! Love. (Ps: I'm waiting for your next tweet ;) ).

That’s probably the best “question” I’ll ever get here… It means so much to me, but I’m sad you did in as Ano :( wish I could thank you for real!! 
And I have to say at first I though you were thinking I was Carrie hahha but then I just get tears =) 

So thank you again and Hope my tweets will always help you and if you need me at anytime you know where to find me! 
Love you and hope you had an amazing day =) 



In the rain the pavement shines like silver…

Anonyme said:
How do I tell you where I live ?

You can tweet me at @teamhopefuls on twitter =) would be much easier than the ano things here ^^ Xxx

Anonyme said:
Do you know if we write to Carrie at this adress (CHF, Channel Flip, 41 Great Pultanay Street, London, w1f 9nz), if she will receive it?

Hey =) 

It’s the right adress but at the moment it’s closed as Carrie wants to reply to all the letters (who have SAE) before to open it again ^^ 



"What are you looking for in a relationship?"


Left these John Green quote ‘Hopeful Notes’ on the way to work this morning :)


Carrie @ Sitc 2013