I had been secretly dreaming about seeing Carrie on Les Miserables ever since I heard that she got the part of Eponine but I knew that it would never come to past. I knew her run as Eponine would end in June. I knew that I could never get to London in time for her. And the she announced that she was staying for another year. And then my friends planned a trip to London. And then my mom said yes. And then, I went to watch Les Miserables.

It was my birthday that day. I turned 21. It was my first time ever watching Les Miserables on anything as I’ been planning to watch the movie for ages but I kept putting it off. Honestly, I’m glad I waited because Les Miserables on theatre was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I couldn’t even cry properly because I was fighting really hard not to make a sound and to still see what was happening onstage.

When the musical ended, I went to stage door. Carrie came out. My first thought was “Wow she’s a lot taller than she seems in her videos”. (She’s actually taller than me, she looks shorter in the photo because she bent down a little). It was a silly thought to have when one of your biggest role models is standing right in front of you but my mind was still struggling to cope with the sheer magnificence of Les Miserables to be able to comprehend that I was looking at Carrie Hope Fletcher in the flesh.

I was so nervous and tongue tied that I didn’t tell her everything I had planned to. I wanted to tell her that she was an amazing person. I wanted to tell her that she inspires me to improve myself every day. I wanted to tell her how talented I think she is and how much I enjoyed watching her perform. But I said none of those. My brain froze up and I said really dumb things that I cringe to remember. But she saw the small gift I had given her while I was stuttering my way into something that resembled a coherent conversation and gave me a big hug and told me that I was so sweet. I don’t think I was sweet. I think I was silly and tongue tied and starstruck. I think she was the one who was sweet. I think Carrie has one of the biggest and warmest hearts of anyone I had ever met. It’s been six days since I met her and I still can’t quite believe that it happened.

This has been the greatest birthday of my life.


Instead of filling my tumblr with negative thoughts whenever i feel low, ive decided to start 100 happy things. Every day im going to post something either about that day that made me happy or a happy memory. 

For day one, i have picked the time i met Carrie Hope Fletcher, who is currently playing Eponine in Les Miserables on the Westend, and youtuber - shes a massive inspiration to me.image


i drew the lovely carriehopefletcher as a disney princess! (if you repost my art please credit my instagram, gottalovedrawing)


Something for Carrie Hope Fletcher :)

We went to the supermarket to try and find some ice and..everywhere is out of ice.  So we thought the next best thing-
You thought the next best thing.
I thought the next best thing.  I know the next best thing is buy a load of ice lollies and make this the ice lolly bucket challenge.


Did this for Carrie, what do you think?

i like it!!

I supose you all saw Carrie’s last video where she’s asking to all the hopefuls who are going to SiTC to raise their pinkie when Emma Blackery will shaved her hair! 

So as I’m not going I just had an idea (yes yesterday night haha) I think the one who are not going (and the one who are going of course) could take a picture with their pinky up with “Go Emma” write on it! 

So you can send me your pic via : 
-Twitter : @Teamhopefuls (you can DM me or tweet just tell me!) 
- Facebook : Hopefuls  (on the wall or by message) 
- Email : THopefuls2@gmail.com 

Please get involde cos when I’ll make the montage this lovely hopeful ( ) will print it and GIVE it to Emma at her Meet and Greet at Summer in the City! So make it special and join us :D 
Show how much the Hopefuls can be so supportive to anyone :) 

Deadline : Friday 8th August 4pm (UK time)
Thank you and I hope I’ll have a lot of pictures & Please reblogged RT Fav do whatever to make people see this  :D 

Agathe image



Okay basically, earlier today at the Bromley FC ground Les Mis vs Phantom charity football game I met Carrie and we had a really lovely chat and I told her how proud I was of her and how far she had come and how she makes so many people happy etc and it was really lovely. However when I got…

Hope she will unblocked you and I’m sure it’s a mistake maybe it’s twitter! I hope everything will be ok I’ll tweet it too =) Xxx